cheer me up music

Had a bad day or a tough week? Listen to some avicii and dance like theres no tomorrow and release all that negative energy!, i call it my ‘HAPPY MUSIC’ The remedy for my soul and wellbeing. I am SO in love with his music, i can really relate to his messages through his songs and what he was all about. He was Such a talented and gifted artist. ironically i only discovered his music about six months after his tragic death.( and please don’t be thinking what is it?with me and all these people that are no longer on the planet) i think their sending me a message ?? !!!! i was at uni at the time when everyone was talking about his death and how sad it was, i really didn’t pay much attention at the time, i was to wrapped up in the hefty assignments that needed to be completed by a fast approaching deadline, i was entertaining friends at home, watching youtube music videos on my widescreen T.V and my friend kept playing ‘wake me up’ by avicii and i just connected with the song, it really captured my heart. I started doing some research on other tunes by him and suddenly realised that it’s him, that D.J that died, who everyone was talking about at uni. i always play and dance to his music his music created such happy memories in my life. When i’me feeling low, after a session with him i feel fabulous.

Hppy music enjoy!
happy music enjoy!

Two more of my favourites.

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