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Singer/songwriter, Dancer, Music Producer, Poet, Children’s Author (fairytale poems)

 My Passion

 My Passion  – Creating Music, vegetarian/vegan cooking (recipes coming soon) and spreading the love.

“Bang! Bang!” as Hot Loving  Explodes onto Radio

Baby J Joanne’s eclectic album features twelve tracks in a wide-range of styles; a true exposé of her singing, songwriting and co-production talents.

“Bring me love, bring me light. Wake up my soul, cause’ it’s dead as stone.”- Baby J. Joanne 

(LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM) October 05th, 2019 – Baby J Joanne has spent the last decade perfecting her skill set as an indie artist, poet, music producer, and author, as well as an entrepreneur within the music industry. However, in 2013, she finally set aside time to compose and co-produce her album entitled, Hot Loving. The CD features twelve tracks in an eclectic exposé of urban r&b, soul and dance music. It took over a year to bring Hot Loving to fruition; the result is a powder keg of prose and passion – all of which explode with a “Bang Bang.”

“Bang Bang” is the lead single released to radio, with an accompanied music video, yet there are many more tracks to explore within Hot Loving. Joanne explains the creative goal of the project, “I wanted this album and the songwriting to reflect my life experiences – just as my poetry always has. During the creation of the album, I was going through some very passionate relationships, and one that was disappointing and those came through in the music.”

Joanne’s lyrical craft shines through in each track within Hot Loving. She beckons the listener along, through an array of passionate emotions as she blends and bends her melodic compositions to create a specific mood for each scene. Baby J expounds on her creative methods, “As a vocalist, I’m able to bring a melody into my music studio. I aim to create the instrumentation mix as something that is uniquely mine.” Key tracks on Hot Loving include the sassy, funky “Bang Bang,” a song about a deceived lover in the act of avenging their loss. “Time Will Tell” is hooky, retro and a soul/r&b retro composition while “Stay Here” turns up the tempo into a club/dance track. Joanne cools it down with “I Luv U 2 Much,” with its Latin flair and Spanish guitar; it has a very ‘Sultry vibe.

As 2020 approaches, Baby J Joanne will continue to perform in and around London in support of Hot Loving and is available for functions/gigs. She also will begin work on her follow-up album that will feature remixes of classic songs from some of her favourite artists. She plans to work with London’s Homeless, people in need /good causes – the climate emergency. Spreading her positive mantra of always giving back. As her song titles suggest, Baby J Joanne has exploded onto the scene with a “Bang Bang,” but it appears she will “Stay Here” for a while…only “Time Will Tell.” 


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