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Hi my name is Joanne Audria Agard (stage name baby j)



Enlightened by an Electric, Eclectic “Eastender”

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Positive music heals. I always energize my compositions with love and light. 

- Baby J Joanne

With the Flip of a Switch

Baby J Joanne Fate is ironic for one of London’s so-called “Eastenders” from Forest Gate. It appears trivial at first to know that singer-songwriter Baby J Joanne’s birthday falls on September 4th. See, over the last decade Baby J Joanne has spread her theme of “Love and Light” - all while on an artistic quest to electrify and enlighten.

So, can you imagine the “jolt” when she discovered that historically, September 4th is the first day of the Age of Electricity? On that date, Edison first lit up the world with light with the flip of a switch!

Composed With Love and Light

Baby J’s signature sound is an uncanny blend of urban, r&b, soul and dance music.” I believe music is energy and can be therapeutic,” offers Joanne. From her experiences in adversity, she knows that it’s vital to turn a negative experience into a positive one. “That theme is what I’ve been trying to hone and perfect over the last decade as a poet and pianist,” explains Baby J. - and compose it all with love and light.

Eclectic Influences and Inspiration

Growing up Joanne was surrounded by a musical family. She cherished her dad’s collection of Motown records and her growth as a writer stems from her diverse array of stylistic interests. “I listened to everything from Whitney Houston and Sade to Beyoncé and Tupac,” she explains. However, as self-taught pianist and composer, her main inspiration is always from love. “It would be great if we could all learn to have unconditional love. I am working towards that and my songs focus on that.”

Electric Entertainment

Baby J JoanneWhile Joanne has been singing since the age of five, she has only recently moved from being a songwriter and studio musician to an entertainer. “I have always known that deep down I belonged on a stage and in the studio.” In 2014 she released her debut album, Hot Loving, which she composed and co­-produced. With twelve tracks, songs such as “Bang Bang” and “Time Will Tell” examine how to deal with loss, betrayal, and how always to stay in a positive mindset.

Eastender Enlightenment

In 2015, Baby J Joanne looks to release her second full-length album, which will be a collection of cover songs of her favorite artists such as Diana Ross, Sade and Damian Marley. She is currently performing in and around London in support of Hot Loving and also online – doing real-time performances on the popular site, Concert Window. As an altruistic artist, she plans on helping underprivileged youth in London learn how to record and produce their music. Baby J Joanne will always strive to "flip the switch" for her fans from darkness into light. She wants them enlightened by of one London’s electric, eclectic “Eastenders.”


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